Chuck Underwood

Founder and Principal, The Generational Imperative, Inc.

Chuck Underwood is one of the half-dozen people who pioneered and then popularized the field of generational study and, with it, generational business strategies. More than three decades of fulltime research and application. And many of his own original principles are a permanent part of this discipline.

As the founder and principal of Ohio-based generational consulting firm The Generational Imperative, Inc., he trains and consults all of American and Canadian business, government, education, and religion in all generational strategies.

His education clients, coast to coast, include dozens of four-year universities, community colleges, trade schools, and national and regional education associations.

He is formally trained in qualitative research methodology at The Burke Institute and conducts primary generational research for his clients and his own firm.

His 800-page book is the most comprehensive presentation of generational business strategies and personal-life dynamics ever published and is entitled America’s Generations In The Workplace, Marketplace, And Living Room.

Chuck is also the host of the PBS television mini-series America’s Generations With Chuck Underwood, the first such series in the history of national television.

In his first of two sessions, Chuck will introduce us to Generational Board Strategies and two generations, the Silents and Baby Boomers: what were the times and teachings of their unique Formative years, that molded their unique generational Core Values? What is their adult passage, so far? How do school boards fully “connect” with these two generations of voters, involved grandparents, local business owners, and elected officials?

During the breakout session on Friday afternoon, Chuck will complete his program by introducing the three younger generations: GenX, Millennials, and GenZ. These generations are your school districts: administrators, faculty, and staff; your students’ parents and younger grandparents; volunteers; local businesspeople; and elected officials. How do you “connect” with each generation?

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Friday June 7th

General Session 1

Founder and Principal, The Generational Imperative, Inc.


Student Entertainment: Emanuel County High School